Covering system with cables for trucks Lona Fácil Pneumatico

The Easy canvas automatic pneumatic system retractable canvas was developed to facilitate the process of enlonar and unload tilting buckets on chassis with total safety, productivity and adequate protection for the cargo according to the current Brazilian legislation.

The system allows complete canneling of the entire surface of the cargo box in just 10 seconds, reducing the truck downtime and preventing the transported material from being deposited on the roller tracks.


Button valve inside the driver's cab.


Eliminates the risk of accidents involving falls, in accordance with NR35 - Works at Heights.

Load Protection

The system guarantees adequate protection of the load resulting in perfect coverage in 100% of the times it is activated, not depending on the human factor.


Increased productivity by reducing the downtime of equipment for covering/uncovering.

Professional Rescue

The semi-automatic system allows experienced drivers to be brought back to the market by the physical effort required in the process of enlonating and de-uncoiling.


Resolution CONTRAN 441 - obligation to protect the cargo with tarpaulins or screens. CTB Article 231 - spill, throw or drag over the track being transported.

Violation: Very serious (7 points in the CNH)

Penalty: Fine

Administrative Measure: Retention of the vehicle for regularization.