WDS Stand | Fenatran 2019

In the latest edition of Fenatran 2019, WDS launched the Lona Fácil Graneleiro electric and / or mechanical automatic cover system.

The system was developed to serve the agribusiness sector in the transportation of grains and agricultural inputs.

Lona Fácil is an innovative system, developed to facilitate the process of opening and closing the tarpaulin of trucks with total safety, productivity, and adequate protection for the cargo.

The tarpaulin and its support arches are collected by means of sliding skids on the surface of the cargo box affixed by a system of cables and pulleys.

The system, when opened, accommodates the canvas and the arches at the front of the implement as a kind of “accordion”, leaving the entire extension free for loading and unloading the material to be transported.

The system is activated from the ground by an electric button or crank, allowing the complete closure of the entire length of the cargo box in a few seconds.

Easy Canvas installed on the Little Truck exposed at the WDS Stand

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